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Oct 10, 2019


We each see Jesus through our own unique lens. Even those who wrote the books of the New Testament saw and experienced him differently. So why is it modern Christians find it hard to believe that someone’s very different take on Jesus could be just as valid as their own?

Listen as Elane and Benton...

Sep 27, 2019


If you really had faith in God, you'd never be depressed or anxious. Right?  Or, if you are, maybe it's because you don't pray the right words in the right way at the right time using the right name of God?

Faith is not a description of a single positive experience. It is more like a verb--an ongoing practice...

Aug 9, 2019


250 mass shootings in 215 days. Do they matter?

In the shadow of Gilroy and El Paso, Benton and Elane explore why Christians don't care.

Today's Wine: David Bruce Pinot Noir

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"All Right To Be Okay" Words & music by Benton Stokes

Our theme music: “Moving On (Feels Pretty Good)”. Words & music by...

Jul 18, 2019


You are made in the image of God. That means you have the Creative Spirit within you and around you. Now what? Benton and Elane share what it means to be creative, and how you can channel that Creative Spirit in your own life. 

Today's Cocktail: Rose Rosé

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"The Guy I'm Growing Up to Be" and "Find...

Jun 20, 2019


Many Christians talk about the role of the Spirit (or The Holy Spirit) in guiding one's daily life. Very few of us actually know what that means, or how to actually achieve such a God-soaked life. In this episode--recorded in front of a studio audience on the Christian holy day of Pentecost--Benton and...